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Software Downloads

A download account is required to access software such as VFC and VFC Mount. Registration is free but some downloads are only available with an active license. Alternatively, users with an active VFC software dongle may download directly by using the features available in the product. Please access the downloads using either of the methods below:

Download with account

To login with your email address:

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   To reset your password please click here.

Download with VFC dongle

Users with an active VFC software dongle may access downloads directly by using the VFC application or VFC License Manager tool (v5.0 and later). If you do not yet have VFC, you can download License Manager here.

  • Open VFC License Manager, insert your dongle, click Query Dongle and then click Download VFC (the latest version of License Manager can be downloaded from the support website)

  • Open VFC, click About and then click Download VFC

VFC download methods


If you have an active license but cannot access the downloads, please contact Technical Support for assistance or for a offline download link.